Who’s Who in the Tourism Industry?

The Local Government and Carlingford Cooley Tourism Assocation (CCTA)

CCTA is a local voluntary organisation which has a sole responsibility for the development of sustainable tourism with the Carlingford and Cooley Peninsula and surrounding local regions. CCTA’s role is to:

  • Influence people to travel to and throughout the peninsula.
  • Increase the economic benefits to the area from tourism.
  • Help foster a sustainable tourism industry in the area.

The County Governments and the County Tourism Organisations

Each county and territory in Ireland has its own government tourism agency that works with industry. The role of the State Tourism Organisations (STOs) is to:

  • Support the development and marketing of sustainable tourism destinations and experiences within their state, to increase awareness and attract visitors.

European Destination of Excellence

Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula in Co Louth were chosen by the European Destinations of Excellence group when they were searching for regions that confirmed excellence within the discipline of ‘Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage’. And it’s handy to peer why.

Carlingford is a digital out of doors museum of Medieval eire. It’s quaint cobblestone streets offer the best eating, fashion designer browsing, markets and delicious espresso residences. The Peninsula’s landscape has witnessed the footsteps of Irish giants, the Celtic warriors Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill and can be house to the final leprechauns of ireland. This legendary environment presents adventure, undertaking, horse using, sailing, chicken observing, golf, angling, walking trails and heritage tours inside its breath taking scenery.

A myriad of myths and legends surround the subject which additionally boasts a lovely lough and the sweeping backdrop of Slieve Foy, the absolute best mountain in Co Louth the place the large Fionn Mac Cumhaill lies resting along with his toes stretching into Carlingford Lough. This enchanted situation is home to the last 236 Leprechauns of eire and the Fairy Hill which magically pulls parked cars up its slopes!

Visitors can discuss with Neolithic tombs which predate the pyramids of Egypt such because the Proleek Dolmen and Clontygora court grave, walk in the footsteps of legendary Cú Chulainn, and explore the Norman fortification and the Viking agreement of Carlingford town, a Medieval Heritage city. Large city walls have survived, together with monastic ruins and civic constructions.

Outdoor fanatics are spoiled for choice too with sailing, angling, golf, horse riding, chook watching, biking and guided walking tours. Organised packages and workshops are organised on your behalf, delivered in abundance with the famous Irish warmth and hospitality. Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula, located along the east coast of ireland, simply over an hour from Dublin and Belfast.