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 Enjoy the largest selection of accommodation, activities, dining offers and holiday packages. Our award winning team let you enjoy the best of Carlingford


At East Coast Adventure, we can offer your team a great mix of team building events with a range of outdoor adventure activities.
We provide a range of quality programmes designed to put you and your co-workers in situations that require the implementation of effective teamwork in order to achieve success. Our team of facilitators are handpicked for their ability to recognise strengths and potential areas of development and are able to deliver motivational and constructive feedback during and at the end of all programmes as well as highlighting the importance of transferring learning back to the workplace and day to day life.
We can also provide tailored packages to meet your specific requirements enabling you to maximise return from your time spent with us providing a great fun day out to reward your staff.

East Coast Adventure Centre Summer Kids Camp encourages training in outdoor education and focuses on building confidence and self esteem.
Summer Camp operates throughout July and August and offer Day Visits or Residential Stays at our Mountain Residential Centre in the Knockbarragh Valley.
A home from home for all who stay with us. This is an ideal opportunity to make new friends and experience outdoor activities such as water sports, zip line, archery, team games and many more!

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