Footgolf is the new sports craze that combines football and golf to make the perfect sports activity which is growing massively worldwide.  It can be as much fun or as competitive as you like.  Great for spending a few hours with family, friends, work colleagues, team mates etc. Everyone counts how many kicks it takes them to get the ball from the ‘tee box’ into the big hole and whoever takes the least kicks wins, its that simple! There are 9 holes on the course and you have to deal with obstacles such as trees, bushes and hills! A really fun activity for a wide range of abilities and ages.  In comparison to golf it is quicker, more accessible and doesn’t require expensive equipment – we even provide the balls!


Footgolf is based in Skypark, Carlingford and is one of a number of land-based activities including Frisbee disc golf, aeroball, mini golf and archery.

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