Kilfeaghan portal tomb stands on a farm overlooking Carlingford Lough, the chamber has an enormous capstone at least 2 1/2 metres long by about 1 1/2 metres thick and weighs an estimated 35 tons. The capstone stands on two portal stones which have partly sunk into the ground. The whole stucture rests on a massive cairn at least 15 metres long you can see the extent of the cairn in the picture bottom left. This megalithic tomb is around 4500 years old.

The chamber faces north and the cairn is believed to have once extended even further north. I am delighted to have visited this tomb and was very impressed with the condition and length of the cairn and will return with friends. I have dropped by here on several occasions since my first visit and you still cannot help but be impressed by the length of the cairn, it is very difficult to really show this photographically but may be a wide angle lens would help.

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