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Carlingford has a great selection of shops and restaurants, so no matter what you are looking for we are guaranteed to tickle your fancy.


Discover the delicious tastes of dining in the Cooley Peninsula. The local eateries are committed to the “eat local” food movement and exceptional food.


Whether you are interested in a getaway for a group of friends, family or just for two. We have a wide selection of Fáilte Approved properties to suit your needs.


Whether you are looking for a lively weekend or a quieter mid-week break, Carlingford can offer the individual visitor, families, friends and groups, small and large, a memorable and lasting experience. Excellent accommodation, eating, shopping and many activities are available throughout the year and on every day of week.

Enjoy. Great. History.

The Vikings invaded Ireland in the 9th Century, and historical records tell us that they occupied Carlingford Lough. The very name Carlingford is Scandinavian translating into ‘Fjord of Carlinn’. Carlingford has endured the rule of Kings, Military Invasions, Medieval War and Prosperity.
So Come and join us and travel back in time.

Experience. the. Outdoors.

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to commune with nature and forget all of the real life problems that are weighing you down. Bring along a few friends, and take in the wonder and majesty of the Cooley Peninsula.

Taste. Famous. Oysters.

Freshwater that is flowing in from the mountain sides north and south of the Lough give our Carlingford Oysters a very delicious and distinctive flavour. Next time you come to Carlingford make sure you enjoy one of our Carlingford Oysters. Make sure that you look out for the sweet slightly accent followed by a slightly tannic and lingering aftertaste..

Explore. Fantastic. Shops.

While shopping is clearly about buying and bargain hunting, it’s just as much about having a great experience while you track down some excellent finds. From interesting craft shops, beautiful little boutiques to some fantastic gift shops. Carlingford is a fantastic shopping escape.

Irelands best kept secret

In the northeast corner of County Louth, midway between Belfast and Dublin, right at the beginning of Ireland’s Ancient East, you’ll find one of Irelands best kept secrets… Carlingford and The Cooley Peninsula.

The area as a whole and Carlingford, in particular, has a rich historical heritage. Learn about one of the great Celtic heroes of all time, Cuchulainn, and the Tain Bo Culainge or the Cattle Raid of Cooley. The Cooley Peninsula is divided along a northwesterly/southeasterly border with Northern Ireland. With excellent fertile soil which provides fantastic produce available in all local eateries. To the south-west and rugged mountain terrain to the northeast, the Cooley Mountains (highest point Slieve Foy, 588metres) are ideal for walkers and hikers of all experience levels and form, and with Carlingford Lough dramatic views from wherever you are on the peninsula.

Escape to Carlingford

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Carlingford is famous for many reasons, it borders the political divide between the Republic of Ireland and the North of Ireland. With the Mournes stretching down to the Lough on the Northern side of the Sea. The region boasts great activities, trips, restaurants, accommodation and wonderful tales…

Carlingford Lough really has lots to offer.
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